Celebrating good times and good company

Bangalore’s first ever leisure festival
August 26 to September 04

Bangalore Hobby Week is a coming together of people with similar interests to do something they commonly love. The week’s activities will feature an array of hobbies, both common and niche across the city hosted by the community for the community. There certainly will be something for everyone.

20+ hobbies

30+ venues

50+ champions

100+ activities

How does this work?

Download the app on or use the web app

Create a group to gather people with similar interests, plan an activity with them.

Getting your friends on the group will go a long way to making sure your group or activity gets more attention— the more vibrant your group looks, the more new members will join.

We will help promote BHW groups and activites via our website, social networks and news media to make sure your group grows bigger and better.

You can share it on your social media accounts too, augmenting our efforts.


BHW Champions

Here are some people who want to build a thriving community for something they are passionate about. During BHW, Champions are here to host events or encourage the others to get out and do activities with people who share their interests.

Dipthi Aashok

Make-up Workshop

Vamsee Angadala

Tech Bloggers

Priyanjana Roy

Indian Fashionistas

Grand Master Akshar

Abhishek Upadhya


Vidhi Kundan Jain

Dr. Shubha Dharmana

Beauty & Fitness

Vasundhara Das

Community Drumjam

Wanitha Ashok

Get Fit with Wanitha

Jenifir Sharma

Aqua Zumba Trainer

Balakrishnan Subramanyan

Gulpers Galore

Anup Maiya

Kannada Gotilla

Clawin Desouza

Pro Poker Player

Raksha Kamat

Love for Food

Bijan Mishra

Home Food Party


Olive Planet

Abhinav Sood

Play Station

Prasanth Sharma

Photo da!

Want to be a BHW Champion?

Write to us— pj@brigge.co

BHW Activities

Here‘s some interesting activities we have planned for the Hobby Week. Click the cards below to find more.

BHW Venues

Here are some venues that encourage you to plan your activities at their place. They might even have some surprise for you.


Indira Nagar

Play Arena


Olive Planet



Indira Nagar


Indira Nagar

Want to host an activity at your location?

Write to us— pj@brigge.co

About Brigge

Brigge is a location based leisure platform that helps users spend their free time doing activities they love to do with others who share their interests in their locality. Brigge is launching in Bangalore with the Bangalore Hobby Week.

We are on a mission to change the way we spend our free time once and for all.

Reach out to us

If you have any questions or suggestions, or need help using the app or would like to share a beer with us, please reach out directly—

Prasanna Jagannathan, Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer
+91 96000 85470 — pj@brigge.co

Murali Satagopan, Cofounder & Chief Marketing Officer
+91 98845 31492 — murali@brigge.co